First Tri of the year

Well the winter training is over and it was time to have a go at my .first triathlon in Kendal. I’ve had a slight injury all winter and so my training hasn’t been as good as it could, so I’m quite pleased with the result today. Down on last years time but still managed 3rd V40

Being injured has affected my running which has meant that I focused more on swimming and biking . I have been concentrating on my swim technique and trying to get my times down . I have been trying to get my 400m swim time to below 7 mins and managed it a couple of times in training so was pleased to get 6 mins 50 sec which is a PB. I’ve also been practicing my mounts and dis mounts from the bike keeping my shoes attached to the bike .Its always harder trying new things under the pressure of racing and  I managed to get on without a hitch but at the end of the bike I took my feet out of my shoes ready for the dismount  I realized the timing wasn’t quite right as I  still had a roundabout to negotiate .and  I had to stop and wait for traffic and then try and get going again which is normally easy with shoes on but i was bare foot now and so I lost a bit of time . Once round the roundabout it wasn’t far to the dismount line and I was delighted to do a perfect dismount going from bike to run without stopping. After a quick transition I knew I had to be careful not to aggravate my leg and so just ran at a steady pace all the way to the finish . I found out later that I was 9th Lady overall 3rd V40  and after a roll down meant I got 1st V40. Overall very please with how it went




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