The Yomp

After Emma  had worked on my leg a few more times it  seams to be improving. and with the lakesman only 2 weeks away I was starting to feel a little anxious as I hadn’t done any endurace runs. 

A friend from the club told me that there was a 23 mile fell run on Sunday which is part of the fell running championship so after checking with my coach and Physio I was given the go ahead to run as long as was sensible . Not running fast  keep off my toes and no running hard down hill.

As it was so close to the Lakesman I did as I was told.

I just set off with the rest of my team mates but it wasn’t long before we started to split up.

The run was a lot hillier than I was expecting ,but managed to run up most of the hill and was careful on the descents. the views were beautiful , I was really enjoying myself saying hello and chatting to other competitors a long the way,  most of the time not taking my eye off the terrain, knowing if I did I would fall, and it was far to close too the big race, the last climb was up to the  9 standers fell , it was a awful path down very bitty then on to a rather steep tarmac road , which normally on a race I would of charged down , but no I gingerly creep down too the finish. I was happy to finish in 4hr 15m , and feeling complete that I’m ready for the lakesman in 14 days . Un be known to me I had also come home 1st lady which was lovely as I just want to do it to test my foot, touch wood its s little sore , but not any worse .

We had a good turnout from the club

Jack won  1st male and with David and Charles took first team

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